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Improve every aspect of your Next.js app.

Our Next.js audit goes through your code with a fine-toothed comb, focusing on four key areas: performance, technical SEO, Next.js best practices, and scalability.

Read on to discover what to expect from the audit and what kinds of results you can hope for after implementing our suggestions.



What you’ll get in real life

  • Better performance than 74% of Next.js apps

  • A significantly improved mobile conversion rate

  • A higher Google ranking than ever before

  • More insight into how your app works at all levels

What you’ll get in the audit PDF

  • A description of how much Core WebVitals affects SEO and your Google SEO ranking

  • Best-in-class development from a team of world-renowned Next.js experts

  • Areas of code improvement and tips & tricks you can use to easily resolve potential problems

  • CrUX results, which is an analysis of real user data focusing on key target metrics like Largest Contentful Print (LCP), First Input Display (FID), and the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

  • Instructions/infrastructure for a Performance Budget, so you can expand your app’s functionality in the future without worrying about losing your streamlined performance

Technical SEO

The best apps play nicely with search engines, which is why we take a top-to-bottom approach to auding your app’s SEO.

What you’ll get in real life

  • Considerably higher Google ranking with lasting results

  • The knowledge that your app’s SEO has been fully optimized

  • Far more mobile conversions

  • Increased amounts of organic traffic

What you’ll get in the audit PDF

  • HTML semantics analysis, lasering in on invalid snippets, bad practices, and landmark element naming conventions

  • Examination of meta data, guaranteeing you’re squeezing as much SEO juice as possible from your tags and descriptions

  • Audit of images, ensuring alt tags and file names have all been properly named

  • Investigation of overall URL structure, particularly highlighting dead links, abandoned pages, and 404 errors

Next.js Best Practices

Implementing best practices doesn’t just make your life easier: it helps you attract the best talent as well.

What you’ll get in real life

  • The ability to hire better talent: the best coders love working with well-designed, clean apps and codebases

  • Better software with fewer bugs, less maintenance, and fewer headaches

  • Increased productivity for both current and future engineers

  • A stronger codebase you can build on more easily in the future

What you’ll get in the audit PDF

  • A heatmap of potential problem areas you can highlight and tackle early before they become too challenging

  • Both static & manual analysis of your code repository, focusing on complexity, documentation, automation, legacy technology, and communication with your software engineers

  • Suggestions for improving your software development life cycles so you can streamline your processes and build faster than ever

  • CI/CD pipeline analysis and insight into the process of deploying changes to production


For when it comes time to scale, you’ll want to make sure you’ve ticked every possible box.

What you’ll get in real life

  • A comprehensive answer to the question of whether you’re ready to scale or not

  • A significantly improved mobile conversion rate

  • In-depth budget optimization, giving you more room to work within your budget without requiring extra capital

  • Only the paid SaaS and infrastructure tools you really need

What you’ll get in the audit PDF

  • List of elements that could prevent you from scaling horizontally, e.g. storing cache data inside of regular memory instead of redis

  • Deep-dive into your rendering strategy for your pages, sitemaps, RSS feeds, etc.

  • Cost optimization analysis: analysis of your paid SaaS services, infrastructure tools, etc.

  • Suggestions for cheaper alternatives that could free up funds from your development budget


How it works


Discovery call

The first step is a discovery call, during which we’ll go over what you need and what you’re hoping to get out of the audit.


Give us access

Once we decide to proceed, we’ll need you to give us access to all your code so we can do as thorough a job as possible.


Audit in process

The audit itself takes approximately two weeks as we drill down into the nitty-gritty of every single line of code.



Lastly, we’ll have another call where we present out findings & suggestions to you and talk through next steps.

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