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Blazity’s new Next.js starter for news and media organizations available in Hygraph’s template directory

We’re delighted to share that our newly developed starter template for news and media organizations is now available in Hygraph’s template directory.

Blazity’s new Next.js starter for news and media organizations available in Hygraph’s template directory

Following our close collaboration with Hyghraph, Blazity’s team of Next.js experts developed a starter template designed for high-traffic news and media websites.

The Newsify starter ensures that news & media organizations, regardless of their size, can harness the full potential of modern web technologies and we hope it will become a new gold standard for any modern news and media website. 

The starter will be an integral part of Hygraph's template marketplace, reflecting our shared dedication to advancing the digital toolkit available to the media sector.

The Newsify starter comes packed with features, such as:

  1. Next.js App Router - future-proof your architecture by using recommended patterns and quickly serve your users content without unnecessary queries.
  2. Interactive quizzes for articles - engaging interactive quizzes that can be embedded directly within articles helping users to engage with content on a deeper level.
  3. Mocked Stock API pulled in via Remote Sources - easily swap the mocked implementation for your desired API to seamlessly integrate your stock information if choice, pulled directly from remote sources.
  4. Sitemaps, RSS feeds, and auto-generated OG images - enhanced SEO and content discoverability with automatically generated sitemaps and RSS feeds. Plus, with auto-generated OG images, every article is social-media ready.
  5. Internationalization - built-in internationalization features. 
  6. Search functionality powered by Algolia - a blazing-fast search functionality that delivers swift and precise content discovery. Just provide your Algolia keys and enjoy.
  7. Hygraph Components - to leverage the full power of Hygraph's content management system with specialized components that ensure content is not only easy to manage but also dynamic and responsive.
  8. “Most popular” articles list based on Google Analytics - trending articles section based on your analytics to track engagement and display the content that recently got the most attention.
  9. Code generation for fully typesafe API as well as required setup for end-to-end testing and other enterprise-ready coding patterns.

Building strong partnerships with market visionaries such as Hygraph is an integral part of our growth strategy. As a federated content platform, Hygraph represents the next generation of content management, going a step beyond being a headless CMS.

Both our companies had already established a relationship when Blazity became Hygraph's Solution Partner in early 2021. Earlier this year, the partnership entered a new chapter, and Blazity has been granted exclusive access to develop integrations for the Hygraph App Marketplace.

The collaboration brings together Blazity's expertise in Next.js and React development and Hygraphs's robust and growing ecosystem of its federated content management platform. With Blazity's and Hygraph's commitment to excellence, users can expect new, high-quality, applications to supercharge their workflows.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments from this partnership!

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