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Jumpstart your enterprise project with our feature-packed, high-performance Next.js boilerplate! Experience rapid UI development, AI-powered code reviews, and an extensive suite of tools for a smooth and enjoyable development process.

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Fast by default, with config optimized for performance.
<p>Tailwind</p> icon


A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

<p>ESlint &amp; Prettier</p> icon

ESlint & Prettier

For clean, consistent, and error-free code.

<p>Extremely strict TypeScript</p> icon

Extremely strict TypeScript

With `ts-reset` library for ultimate type safety.

<p>Bundle analyzer plugin</p> icon

Bundle analyzer plugin

Keep an eye on your bundle size.

<p>Jest &amp; React Testing Library</p> icon

Jest & React Testing Library

For rock-solid unit and integration tests.

<p>Playwright</p> icon


Write end-to-end tests like a pro.

<p>Storybook</p> icon


Create, test, and showcase your components.

<p>Smoke Testing &amp; Acceptance Tests</p> icon

Smoke Testing & Acceptance Tests

For confidence in your deployments.

<p>Conventional commits git hook</p> icon

Conventional commits git hook

Keep your commit history neat and tidy.

<p>Observability</p> icon


Open Telemetry integration for seamless monitoring.

<p>Absolute imports</p> icon

Absolute imports

No more spaghetti imports.

<p>Health checks</p> icon

Health checks

Kubernetes-compatible for robust deployments.

<p>Radix UI</p> icon

Radix UI

Headless UI components for endless customization.

<p>CVA</p> icon


Create a consistent, reusable, and atomic design system.

<p>Renovate BOT</p> icon

Renovate BOT

Auto-updating dependencies, so you can focus on coding.

<p>Patch-package</p> icon


Fix external dependencies without losing your mind.

<p>Components coupling &amp; cohesion graph</p> icon

Components coupling & cohesion graph

A tool for managing component relationships.

<p>GitHub Actions</p> icon

GitHub Actions

Pre-configured actions for smooth workflows, including Bundle Size and performance stats.

<p>Automated ChatGPT Code Reviews</p> icon

Automated ChatGPT Code Reviews

Stay on the cutting edge with AI-powered code reviews!

<p>Semantic Release</p> icon

Semantic Release

For automatic changelog generation.