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We are a software development studio based in Warsaw, Poland.

Young as a company but mature with experience, we design and develop beautiful and reliable solutions that serve individuals, young startups and big companies alike.

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What we offer

Websites & Web apps

Doesn’t matter if it’s a small personal website, complex e-commerce solution or the next biggest social network. If you can think of it, we can build it.

We live on the bleeding edge and offer solutions that are not only well designed, blazing fast and responsive but are also created using the latest standards and technologies our industry has to offer.

PWAs & Native mobile apps

Need a native iOS / Android App? Can't bear the fact that your billion dollar idea is still only on paper and not in the App/Play Store top 10? Let us know and see it ready for the first download in no time!

Or maybe you'd like a Progressive Web App? It's a website that transforms into an app upon adding it on the user’s mobile home screen and that works even when you're offline.

↑ Sounds too good to be true? Try it out with this very site!
Note: As of writing, only Android supports the offline part of PWAs

Enterprise software

From project management through collaboration tools to custom tailored solutions, we got you covered when it comes to functionalities required to make everything in your enterprise work clockwork.

Should you need it, we also provide SLAs and dedicated 24 / 7 support by phone, online chat and e-mail.

Brand identities

Perhaps it’s not the software that you want. Maybe you already have everything you need aside from that cool look and feel that will set you further apart from the competition?

Fear not as our team’s designers offer their experience to deliver the visuals that perfectly shows, just how unique your brand is.

Whatever it is you need, we can’t wait to hear about your idea and build it from the ground up!


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