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Who are we?

We're a team of 20 CTO-level experts that prefer to get their hands dirty.

Our expertise means we know what you need. As such, we provide a fixed price for everything we do and we take full responsibility for your project. Like a real CTO should.

Satisfied customers are our greatest pride 😊

We were recognized as one of the TOP B2B Companies by Clutch.




Leave mindless coding to other companies. We plan out every project and we do it well. Don’t overpay the consulting companies to fix the mistakes of others. Get it right from the beginning.

👨‍💻 Web & Mobile

We are JS champions. We have built our capacities around JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, Node, React and React Native.

  • 🔥Unbelievably fast websites
  • 📈Chart topping mobile apps
  • 🏗Extremely efficient Rust backends
  • ⚙️Zero-cost serverless deployments

🏆 Business Scoring

We help teams define vision and find the smarter route. With the power of 20 CTOs we are the best people for the job.

  • 🕵️‍♀️Full discovery phase
  • 💡Idea consulting
  • 💻Code audits
  • 💰Business model advising


Every product is better when built with users feedback in mind

If you have an idea but are not sure if you can implement it - that’s when the MVP comes in handy. Entering the markets with new products can be scary. But there’s the Minimum Viable Product that you can start from to minimize the risk. And we know exactly how to execute them from zero to one. We can guarantee that with proper business workshops we can build a working MVP for practically anything.

We do it under 45 000 $ and within 3 months.

First, we start with full business workshops. Depending on your project they will take anywhere from a few hours to three days. We determine the core features and prioritize them. Afterward, we move on to UX workshops and when we have the wireframes ready we start the development. It’s an iterative process.

Building the MVP is only the beginning of your journey, but it’s a milestone.

Business Approach

We get it, your business depends on software. And our business depends on you.

Software world is tricky. Despite there being thousands of software houses, software development is still a distressing experience. But it doesn’t have to be. And certainly shouldn’t be. We address it by giving clients our undivided attention. That’s why we are very selective with our projects. We avoid working on too many at once, so when we do sign up for your project, you become our main focus. Let us show you that software development doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass and actually… It’s an exciting adventure!

Why us

Work with the best

🚀 Ultimate speed

Once a client called us on Wednesday. Their project had deadline so strict that no other company would take it. On Friday evening, their website was fully operational.

🏥 Amazing customer care

When you sign a contract with us you become our top priority. Even if we have to fix third party software bug to make your app work (yep, done that too).

🎙The best communication

Simply put we are the most dedicated to providing excellent communication. That’s why at least one of the founders is present on every business workshop with the client.

🤖 We understand you

You don’t have to know everything about tech because we do. We will explain every step of the way and forge your idea into a real product.





Learned the ropes of project management in CI Games. Participated in numerous PFR programmes.


Business Strategy

At the age of 22 founded Iberion - media company, which generates over 3 million euro revenue and grows > 100% year to year.



Wrote his first computer programs when he was 11. Collaborates with Mozilla on Rust Programming Language development.



Gathered his tech and sales experience working for Siemens, Schneider Electric and Samsung.



Heavily involved in building a greatly successful German startup - GraphCMS. Always calm and collected.



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"Blazity used the knowledge and skills acquired from the Polish Growth Fund to achieve numerous successes."

"Blazity's Team participates in the second edition of Mentorship Network."

"Blazity constantly moves the bar up for customer support quality in the industry."

"Thankfuly there are companies like Blazity, where belief in the talent of female and male programmers is equally strong."



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