Blazing fast webapps, no more headaches for the

We work with busy tech executives, entrepreneurs and founders on a constant 5-star client satisfaction level

We use bleeding edge tech to build faster, more secure and converting web.

We work with JAMStack - modern architecture that is faster, more secure and more scalable compared to mainstream, monolithic solutions.

“It is very easy to simply trust Blazity to just get the project done in the right way.”Nathan Joens, CEO, Structurely


How we helped our clients

Early stage tech guidance

We work with early stage digital products to help define the technology path. We helped one of the startups attract over 150k active users in under a year from the idea stage.

Performance optimisation

We are top-tier experts in the JavaScript ecosystem. We helped one of our clients to improve their web app performance by over 350%

Tech audits

We have audited thousands of lines of code and work with brands like CaptureOne to optimize their solutions.

Building from A to Z

Want us to build your solution from the ground up? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered, our deep engineering background means we love tech challenges.

Gain market traction and grow

No more headaches

You have a web app and one of these scenarios: it's not performant, adding new features takes forever, or you need to build it from scratch. Either way, just thinking about it gives you a headache. That's why we are here.

All our projects are fixed price, which means you always know exactly how much you will pay.

Our deep understanding of Jamstack and headless integrations lets us build easy to maintain software. Clients appreciate it because it significantly reduces costs. One of the startups we helped has a monthly upkeep cost of just 100$.

Every one of our clients either continues expanding with us, starts new projects or refers us to other company departments.

We can’t stand anything less than 5-star reviews of our work.

Client satisfaction is our absolute top priority.

We have a medium sized team and the founders personally know and select every engineer in the company.

Thanks to that hands-on approach of the founding team, you can always count on direct communication, quick response times and ongoing availability.

Why Us

Combine speed with quality

Unbeatable time-to-market

Once a client called us on Wednesday. Their project had a deadline so strict that no other company would take it. On Friday evening, the first version of their product was operational.

We understand tech

... so you don’t have to. When we forge your idea into a real product we explain every step of the way. This allows you to make conscious decisions about the functionalities and scope.

Focus on listening and explaining

We are dedicated to transparent and direct communication. That’s why at least one of our founders is present at every business workshop with the client, and is available during the development.

Market success

We know how to develop successful apps. One of our clients - an innovative fashion e-commerce start-up - attracted 150 000 users, gaining money to expand worldwide as a result.


Products that take our clients to the next level

Real estate


Templating engine for real estate fund mSeven

Fashion e-commerce


Chart-topping mobile app for streetwear enthusiasts



Beautiful website for a cryptocurrency product

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About us

Meet the founders

Data science


Gathered his tech experience working for Siemens, Schneider Electric and Samsung.



Heavily involved in building a greatly successful German startup - GraphCMS. Always calm and collected.



Learned the ropes of project management in CI Games. Participated in numerous PFR programmes.

"Blazity used the knowledge and skills acquired from the Polish Growth Fund to achieve numerous successes."

"Blazity's Team participates in the second edition of Mentorship Network."

"Blazity constantly moves the bar up for customer care quality in the industry."

"Thankfully there are companies like Blazity, where belief in programmers of all genders is equally strong."


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We’re based in Warsaw - one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech hubs