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Extending capabilities of the Intelligent Mobile Engagement Platform

Blazity partnered with Vibes to create a customizable data collection widget.

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“The team was on-time and highly responsive to feedback and change requests. They communicated clearly when a change was within or outside the scope of the project, so we could make a decision about whether or not to move forward with that request.”

Brian Garofola, CTO Vibes

Vibes Media

About Vibes

Vibes is a pioneering leader in the mobile marketing industry. Its intelligent mobile engagement platform is trusted by iconic brands such as Chipotle and Polo Ralph Lauren, that use Vibes to deliver millions in revenue, with an average 90x ROI on Vibes-powered SMS messaging programs alone.

The platform automates and optimizes mobile marketing results, and through the seamless integration of SMS, MMS and mobile wallet technologies, provides a comprehensive solution for companies looking to optimize their outcomes and build deep relationships with their customers.

About the project

Vibes wanted to create a customizable data collection widget for its clients through an embeddable code snippet. This script would be shared with Vibes' clients, allowing them to integrate it into their e-commerce websites to gather email addresses and mobile numbers from their customers. 


A key requirement was for clients to be able to personalize their widget. They needed to have the freedom to customize elements such as the user input fields, submission button, and potentially include a link to terms and conditions. All data collected by the widget had to be stored in Vibes' mobile database in compliance with relevant data regulations


Given the widget's integration into various e-commerce sites, its file size and performance were crucial considerations, as even a millisecond of delay could have a significant impact.

  • Technology stack
    • Preact
    • Typescript
  • Collaboration time

    14 days

Services provided

  • Design implementation
  • Typescript development
  • E2E testing using Cypress
  • Infrastructure development

Delivery process

Blazity partnered with Vibes to create a custom data capture application widget that works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile platforms. 

To keep the file size in check, our team opted for the Preact framework as a lightweight alternative to React. We also utilized zero-runtime CSS in JS libraries, resulting in a significant reduction in the widget's file size. 


We successfully reduced the file size to just 20kb, making it notably smaller than similar widgets offered by Vibes' competitors. This widget, distributed as a single JavaScript file, presents a responsive and user-friendly pop-up for capturing essential user data such as email addresses and mobile device numbers (MDN). 


Key features we developed include the generation of unique keywords for each form submission, allowing easy tracking and linking of data to individual user records. The collected data is securely stored within the Vibes platform, ensuring data security and accessibility


The widget comes with templates and offers two primary layout options. With flexible white labeling, users have full control over the widget's appearance, including the ability to enable or disable fields, change colors, adjust fonts, and even support translations if needed. 

The Vibes team retains the capability to customize both the appearance and functionality of the widget to meet specific customer requirements.

Delivery process



To gain a comprehensive understanding of Dropsy's business concept and unique selling proposition, we conducted a week-long workshop before beginning development. This enabled us to perform technical research, identify the best technologies, and select the appropriate team composition for the project. Additionally, we proposed an MVP that included key features and could be released within two months.

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In line with our standard procedures, we utilized Agile SDLC while working on the Dropsy project. With a team comprising of four developers, testers, and a project manager, we successfully delivered the app's core functionality in just a few sprints. Our developers built the app's backend using Hypgraph, which improved the user experience for Dropsy's content team. To ensure that our solution aligned with Dropsy's expectations, we provided them access to the app early in the development process. Throughout the project, our primary focus was to ensure the app's maintainability and ease of enhancement in the future.

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“We had a very specific skillset requirement of front end web development. Blazity is filled with outstanding engineers who have chosen to focus on this skillset. Prior to engaging with Blazity, we were having trouble hiring for this skillset in the US.”

Brian Garofola, CTO Vibes

Vibes Media


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    Highly performant data capturing widget

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    Lightweight implementation (20kb total size)

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    Easily customizable appearance and functionality

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    Fully compliant data tracking mechanism

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