Leading the way in open source

We’re proud to lead the way in building and sharing open source solutions for developers like you to use, for any project. Experts in Next.js, Headless, and React frameworks, we strive to enhance the coding experience for everyone.

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Why we care about Open Source

We're on a mission to empower companies and developers in building reliable and maintainable code for high-performing web applications. That's why we actively contribute and share our knowledge within the vibrant open-source community.

Download our Next.js projects

We’re working hard to bring you an array of Open Source templates that’ll make building your next project feel like a walk in the park. From software to increase SEO performance to code that makes tedious app maintenance a thing of the past, we’ve got you covered.

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Get to know our Open Source tech stack

As trusted development partners, we never leave a project in the backseat. There’s always more that can be done, from optimizing performance to implementing new and improved features to automating workflows. At Blazity, we’re making tomorrow’s projects easier than yesterday’s.

Technology we use:

  • Next.js
  • React
  • Vercel
  • TailwindCSS
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • tRPC
  • Jest
  • GraphQL
  • NestJS
  • Turborepo
  • MDX
  • Radix UI

We are official partners with the most innovative companies in headless ecosystem:

  • Vercel
  • Hygraph
  • Uniform
  • Builder.io
  • Prepr

Sharing learnings with the Blazity community

We regularly share our latest learnings in Next.js and other frameworks. We know it takes a village to write flawless code, and we want to help others along the way.

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Founding Partner at Blazity
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