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Whether it's crafting Next.js web applications, conducting code audits, enterprise software development, or even providing professional training, we're here to help you achieve your business goals!

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Experts in Next.js development

Our expertise traces back to the inception of Next.js, bolstered by a successful 5-year partnership with Vercel.

Web app development

Are you thinking about digitizing your business or developing a new product? Experience lightning-fast performance and unmatched scalability with Next.js. Our team specializes in crafting visually stunning and high-performance Next.js web applications that boost engagement and deliver impressive business results. 

We have a diverse range of roles to support every stage of product development, from business analysts to software architects. This means we're fully prepared to tackle projects of any size or complexity.

Next.js enterprise development

In today's fast-paced market, businesses require robust, scalable, and high-performing applications to maintain their competitiveness. React and Next.js stand out as ideal technologies for crafting enterprise-level applications, thanks to their modular architecture, performance capabilities, and thriving developer community. 


Our expertise lies in crafting tailor-made Next.js enterprise applications that perfectly align with your business goals and seamlessly integrate into your current systems and workflows.

Dedicated Next.js teams

Enhance your in-house development capabilities with our team augmentation services. We create top-notch, specialized Next.js development teams that go above and beyond to meet deadlines. Whether you need extra expertise or more hands on deck to meet tight schedules, our experts seamlessly integrate with your existing teams to help speed up project delivery.

We meticulously assemble dedicated Next.js and React teams, ensuring a perfect mix of skills and know-how to tackle your project's unique challenges. With our team augmentation services, you gain a dependable development partner dedicated to driving your project towards success.

Enterprise architecture services

A solid and easy-to-manage enterprise architecture is crucial for agile, scalable, and efficient web app development. We'll assist you in creating a forward-thinking blueprint that adapts seamlessly as your business grows, ensuring reliability and availability even in challenging situations

The Enterprise Architecture Services offer a clear path to a modern, efficient, and robust digital infrastructure. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of Next.js, React, and the challenges of large-scale projects, helping you establish a strong architectural base for your Next.js initiative, and driving your enterprise towards digital success.

Code audits and consulting

Our Code Audits and Consulting services are all about giving your Next.js projects a boost in quality, security, and performance. We offer guidance and support to help you integrate industry-standard practices into your Next.js projects, making sure they're easy to maintain and run efficiently. 

Our team of Next.js experts will dive deep into your code, utilizing a meticulous auditing process to identify any issues like inefficiencies, bugs, performance hiccups, or potential security risks. After the audit, we'll provide your team with a straightforward plan for optimization.

Next.js trainings

With their wealth of real-world experience, the seasoned experts at Blazity provide comprehensive training that covers both the basics and the more advanced aspects of Next.js, all custom-tailored to meet your team's specific needs.

By combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on exercises, we ensure your team not only gains a strong understanding, but also practical experience to handle real-world project challenges. Our training is geared towards helping your team become proficient in Next.js, and helping you establish a firm foundation for your project's success.

Next.js performance optimization

By combining modern optimization techniques with industry best practices, we make sure your application always runs at its best. We'll thoroughly analyze your app's performance to spot potential bottlenecks, inefficient code, and other areas that can be improved. 

Our Next.js performance optimization services are aimed at giving your application a real speed and user experience boost. Get in touch with us to find out how we can elevate your web app's efficiency and user satisfaction to new heights.

Migration & upgrade services

Stay ahead with Next.js and enjoy its latest features and improvements. Our Next.js migration and upgrade services are here to keep your applications up-to-date, delivering improved performance, security, and user experience


Blazity's experts ensure your application is running on the latest stable versions, enabling you to take full advantage of the newest web technology innovations. Our unique approach minimizes downtime and provides a smooth transition to the latest versions of Next.js framework.

Successful products delivered globally


“I don’t think there’s anything they can improve on — they’ve been a fantastic partner, and we’d like to continue to work with them.”


Justin Tannenbaum

Head of Product at UnrealEstate

Partners for your

long-term success

We have years-long relationships with many of our clients. As trusted development partners, we take full ownership of the projects and continuously optimize apps, stores, websites, and implement new features, or automate workflows.

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Proven delivery process

At Blazity, we understand that creating web-based solutions for complex projects requires great attention to detail at every step. Our experience delivering numerous projects internationally has allowed us to refine and perfect this process.


Business Analysis

Our team analyzes your idea, business goals, and tech requirements to develop the best strategy for your project.


Ideation workshops

We collaborate with your team to brainstorm and explore target solutions, refining the project's objectives, features, and roadmap for a clear and detailed development backlog.


MVP Development

Our MVP approach establishes a strong foundation for your project, delivering a working prototype with essential features and functionality. It enables you to test your product, and make data-driven decisions for future development.


QA Testing

At Blazity, quality assurance testing is a top priority. Our QA experts meticulously test every aspect of your application to ensure its reliability, security, and optimal performance before each release.


Ongoing maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance and development services to keep your application secure and up-to-date, ensuring its long-term success.

The benefits of Next.js & React development

Industry leading performance


Next.js and React allow you to build web apps that load quickly and perform seamlessly on any device, providing your business with a competitive edge in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

SEO optimized


Using Next.js and React's SEO features, such as dynamic meta tags and sitemap generation, can improve your Google search rankings, bringing in more organic traffic



Next.js headless implementation simplifies switching between content management systems and 3rd party tools, saving time and resources during development and future changes.

Fast time-to-market


Next.js and React are highly scalable platforms that offer a wealth of tools and resources. Build and deploy with ease, thanks to the rich ecosystem and community support.

Robust Security


Next.js and React are highly secure frameworks for web app development. They offer built-in protections against common vulnerabilities, ensuring your app will follow industry leading security practices.

Why Choose Blazity

By partnering with Blazity, you can expect:

Dedicated team


of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about delivering outstanding results.

Consulting experience


that ensures your unique business requirements are met at every stage.

Flexible approach


that enable us to adapt to your evolving needs and deliver your product on time and within budget.

Commitment to excellence


innovation, and continuous improvement that drives us to create market-leading digital products

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