Dropsy: A new-era streetwear shopping experience

Developing an iOS and Android mobile app that tracks streetwear releases for Dropsy, an innovative fashion brand.

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“We were very impressed by the passion and skills these guys have to develop and execute ideas and solve problems.”

Co-Founder, BMR Group

About Dropsy

Co-owned by a popular influencer, Dropsy is a thriving startup in the streetwear industry that specializes in collector's edition shoes and clothing. The Dropsy app is the number #1 rated streetwear app on Apple App Store, and a top destination for staying up-to-date on the latest streetwear trends in Poland.

About the project

Blazity partnered with Dropsy to develop and launch a user-friendly app for iOS and Android, followed by a website.

Dropsy came to us with a fully-formed concept that included a product idea, market research, and a monetization model. As their technological partner, we were responsible for making all technical decisions and selecting 3rd party integrations. We helped them prioritize features and narrow down functionality to create an MVP before moving forward with a full release. To meet their business requirements and technical scope, we opted to use React Native, which enabled us to deploy the app effectively on both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Technology stack
    • React
    • Typescript
    • GraphQl
  • Infrastructure
    • Hygraph
    • OneSignal
    • Sentry
  • Collaboration time

    1 year and still ongoing

Services provided

  • workshops prior to and during MVP
  • development
  • MVP development
  • testing
  • integrations (OneSignal, Analytics)
  • custom API development based on headless CMS
  • managing app releases

Delivery process



To gain a comprehensive understanding of Dropsy's business concept and unique selling proposition, we conducted a week-long workshop before beginning development. This enabled us to perform technical research, identify the best technologies, and select the appropriate team composition for the project. Additionally, we proposed an MVP that included key features and could be released within two months.

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In line with our standard procedures, we utilized Agile SDLC while working on the Dropsy project. With a team comprising of four developers, testers, and a project manager, we successfully delivered the app's core functionality in just a few sprints. Our developers built the app's backend using Hypgraph, which improved the user experience for Dropsy's content team. To ensure that our solution aligned with Dropsy's expectations, we provided them access to the app early in the development process. Throughout the project, our primary focus was to ensure the app's maintainability and ease of enhancement in the future.

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“Every time we encountered any problems Blazity has always provided us with detailed explanation and fixed the issues immediately.”

Co-Founder, BMR Group


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    250k users

    in the first month.

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    4.7 stars

    Rating on App Store from over 500 reviews

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    Easily adaptable to changes in code

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    Downloads across Android and iOS

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dropsy iphone app screenshot
dropsy iphone app screenshot
dropsy iphone app screenshot
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dropsy android app screenshot
dropsy android app screenshot
dropsy android app screenshot

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