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Migration to headless for a leading Polish Media Group

We successfully migrated 15 monolithic WordPress portals to a centrally managed headless solution in Contentful with zero downtime.

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“Team at Blazity presented an incredible attention to detail. Their response time is definitely something that stands out.”

Jan Kruś


About Iberion

As one of the leading media groups in Poland, Iberion publishes over 15 portals with over 150M monthly visits, covering a wide range of topics, from news and fashion to health. Their competitive edge comes from their deep understanding of SEO and their commitment to modern media formats, such as YouTube shorts and TikTok, where they generate more views than even the largest publishers in the country.

About the project

Iberion's outdated tech stack resulted in SEO penalties and failed to meet Google Web Vitals criteria, leading to an expensive and time-consuming maintenance and scaling process. As a company highly dependent on organic traffic, they partnered with Blazity to develop a scalable solution that would support their growth. Together, we migrated their old monolithic Wordpress setup to a new headless solution with Vercel for hosting, enterprise Contentful for CMS, and Next.js on the frontend. The result was a streamlined editorial experience, high website performance, and great Web Vitals scores for all portals.

  • Technology stack
    • Next.js
    • Typescript
    • GraphQl
    • C#
    • MS SQL Server
    • CosmosDB
  • Infrastructure
    • Vercel
    • Azure
  • Collaboration time

    1 year and still ongoing

Services provided

  • Workshops, system architecture, testing
  • Migrating data from custom databases to Contentful
  • Frontend development, ad & analytics integration
  • Scaling the website to handle enormous traffic
  • User training & support via helpdesk
  • Code maintenance & new features development

Delivery process



To gain a comprehensive understanding of Dropsy's business concept and unique selling proposition, we conducted a week-long workshop before beginning development. This enabled us to perform technical research, identify the best technologies, and select the appropriate team composition for the project. Additionally, we proposed an MVP that included key features and could be released within two months.

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In line with our standard procedures, we utilized Agile SDLC while working on the Dropsy project. With a team comprising of four developers, testers, and a project manager, we successfully delivered the app's core functionality in just a few sprints. Our developers built the app's backend using Hypgraph, which improved the user experience for Dropsy's content team. To ensure that our solution aligned with Dropsy's expectations, we provided them access to the app early in the development process. Throughout the project, our primary focus was to ensure the app's maintainability and ease of enhancement in the future.

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“Team at Blazity presented an incredible attention to detail. Their response time is definitely something that stands out.”

Jan Kruś



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    Perfect technical SEO scores on all portals

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    Drastically reduced time-to-market for new content

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    30% average Core Web Vitals improvement

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    2-3 months to the release of the first portal

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